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Looking For a New Master Gardener Program Coordinator

By September 29, 2022Beet 2022 10 October
Jane Moyer
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Jackson County Master Gardener Association (JCMGA) has been without a coordinator since March 31 when Erika Szonntag left for Colorado. Have you started wondering if there will ever

again be a replacement? Well, hope springs eternal!

A Search Committee was formed in July with the following members:

  • Didgette McCracken, Grant County Open Campus Coordinator, Search Chair
  • Kayla Sheets, Local Liaison Between County Clients, Government, and OSU, Search Advocate
  • Danielle Knueppel, Josephine Co. Small Farms and MG Program Coordinator, Horticulture Faculty Representative
  • Gordon Jones, Assistant Professor, Crop and Soil Science, SOREC Representative
  • Jane Moyer, Jackson County Master Gardener, Community Stakeholder

The hiring timeline established by the Search Committee is:

  • August 26, Job posting and flyer published
  • September 13, Review interview questions
  • September 25, Closing of application period
  • October 4, Committee reviews applications
  • October 10 or Oct 20, Zoom interviews with Committee
  • October 25, Check references
  • November 1-3, In-person interviews
  • November 4, Make recommendation to Regional Director and Associate Dean of Extension
  • November 10, Start HR processes

All dates are subject to change.

The in-person interviews will include a tour of SOREC and community meetings where finalists will make presentations and community members will have a chance to make recommendations to the Search Committee. Details will be sent out in advance. Watch your email for the Mailchimp.

Contact Jane Moyer if you have questions or comments (